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Get Creative with Shenny


Are your kids interested in creativity – art, music and theater? Then hang out with “Shenny.” She’s a snail who loves all things beautiful. So join Shenny and her Kids Trail buddies at these  creativity stops. And be sure to add some of Bucket’s, Ridge’s and Fungi’s favorite stops as side trips.

Children’s Museum

Creative free play is one of the best ways to spark a child’s imagination. Shenny and the rest of the Kids Trail buddies enjoy spending the day at Explore More Discovery Museum in Harrisonburg.

At Explore More, Shenny and the gang create original masterpieces at Art Smart. After that, they deliver a TV studio “live broadcast” or put on a play in the Virginia Theatre. In addition, kids also have a blast with the giant blue “Tinker Toys” at Imagination Playground. Plus, a new addition includes “Cooking Classes” – a Fungi favorite.

Music & Theater

Kids Trail Creativity Mascot ShennyBecause Shenny loves a good story, she really likes Winchester’s Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre. She and the gang attend a “relaxed” performance.  In particular, lights are  low, sound is adjusted and there’s also open seating. This accommodates young theater goes as well as those who have sensory process disabilities.

When she’s not enjoying a live performance, Shenny is at the movies. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Kid’s Movie Camp is part of her summer schedule. And of course, she makes trips to the Family Drive-In Theatre.

Shenny and her friends also love live music. Each year they take in a performance at the Shenandoah Valley Music Festival. The outdoor concerts are held at the foot Great North Mountain.

Creativity at the Library and Home

Handley Regional Library is like a second home for Shenny. However, the library has more than just books. Her mom keeps up with special programs with the library’s website.  Not only does Shenny enjoy story time, she also likes “Makerspace Mondays,”  the Lego club and dance parties. And when the gang is at home, they find arts & crafts fun on the Kids Trail Pinterest Boards.

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