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Find your heritage with Ridge


Discover our nation’s heritage on the Kids Trail. Let Mascot “Ridge” be your guide. Step back in time and discover kid-friendly activities.

Explore Kids Trail Heritage

Sometimes it’s hard for kids to relate to history and heritage. While Ridge admits he’s a “nerd,” he doesn’t just spend his time online or with books. He likes to connect in person with heritage. You’ll find him tramping Civil War battlefields and visiting natural wonders.

Kids Trail Mascot RidgeEven his fellow mascots enjoy the trips. Action Mascot Bucket loves the exercise and fresh air. Creative Mascot Shenny finds the living history costumes fascinating. Wellness Mascot Fungi also enjoys living history. He’s always asking re-enactors how food was grown and what settlers and soldiers ate. And at the end of the day, the gang enjoys some modern history. They travel back to the 1960’s to a drive-in theater.

Visit Natural Wonder Heritage

Before the first settlers, Mother Nature created her own heritage. Ridge and the KT gang combine living history and nature at Natural Bridge State Park. Here they learn about the limestone “bridge” carved by Cedar Creek. This was also a sacred Monacan tribe site. Visit living history at the replica Monacan Village. There’s also a heritage connection to US Presidents. It’s believed George Washington surveyed the area. And at one point, Thomas Jefferson owned the bridge.

Another popular natural wonder is Luray Caverns. They’re the largest caverns in the eastern US. Because it’s one of the few providing all-paved walkways and step free entry, even Ridge’s grandparents enjoy them. And there are three museums providing fun places for kids.

Learn About Historical Heritage

The Shenandoah Valley and nearby western Loudoun County are rich with historical heritage. Goose Creek Historic Park has an interpretive trail that includes a 200 year old stone bridge. Or head over to Elizabeth Furnace Recreation Area. There you’ll find a swinging bridge and historic cabin. On the weekends, Aldie Gristmill offers demonstrations. And young historians can become Junior Rangers at Cedar Creek & Bellgrove National Historic Park.

There are so many fun things to do with kids on the Trail. Be sure to combine your heritage stops with other nearby destinations and build your custom itinerary.

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